Human Resources Consulting Service

  • Proposal of High-level Overseas Human resources
    We propose myanmar engineers who can speak Japanese well.

  • Recruiting Support(Job fair/interview matching etc...)
    We offer to recruit support such as interview meeting for various recruit events for recruit myanmar engineers.

  • After Support
    We will introduce overseas engineers and provide support after assignment.

Training Consulting Service

  • Educational support (Japanese Education)
    Standardized education(curriculum, lecturer, Web, e-learning etc.) Localize the education methods flexibly depend on local situation.

  • Japanese Class (both of individual and group instruction)
    Provide Japanese language class and Japanese-terminological class of selected human resources and also create educational contents that leads to understanding of Japanese Culture.

  • Technical Education support
    Provide the Japanese-terminological class of technical usages such as equipment-design, related with electrical power etc.

Business Matching Service

  • Contribute to the development of local enterprises. We provide the partner matching for the enterprises,research and joint research,oversea universities and institutions.
  • Matching Myanmar Engineers with companies that accepts internships.
  • Matching with Japanese companies and local outsourcing companies,and follow-up after matching.