WILLTEC MYANMAR Company is established at June,2018 and it is the subsidiary company of WILLTEC JAPAN Company, located in Osaka, Japan. Since 2014, WILLTEC Co.,ltd. hired in Japan for Myanmar`s Technical intern trainee. At 2016, We cooperated with Technological University (Taunggyi) for the purpose of creating a higher technological Engineering Society and Japanese language skill. According to this purpose, We started Japanese language free course for the students of Technological University (Taunggyi). At present, WILLTEC MYANMAR Co.,Ltd. provide the following Services - Human Resource Consulting , Training Consulting , Business Matching Service. Training to become higher technological Engineering society of Myanmar Engineers and Consulting to those Engineers to get more job opportunities in Japan, in that ways, WE will contribute to the development of JAPAN and MYANMAR.


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Students of Learning Japanese

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High-Valued and Skillful human resources are provided

The Japanese language is coached before going to japan.

Follow-up to the employee.

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Job opportunities are offered (Free of Charge).

Japanese proficiency is trained in related fields.

We support the employee after arriving in japan.

Safely working in japan.

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